Reports Overview

The “Reports” tab gives you access to real-time results, enabling you to easily keep track of individual trainee progress or compare the results of teams within your organization.  

All of the reporting information that is stored in Litmos can be exported at any time as a PDF or CSV file from the ‘Quick Reports’ area, and emailed as a CSV file from the ‘Create a Report’ area.  

All reports contain a Date range.  This allows you to view information from specific time periods.  However, if the time range is not set to your needs, you may not be able to view the information you are looking for.

There are four types of reports within the reports tab:

  • Reports Home
  • Quick Reports
  • Create a Report
  • My Favorite Reports

Reports Home

The reports home screen is your starting point for accessing all of the different types of reports.  This screen also has some basic information about your Litmos account as a whole.

From the home screen, you can jump to the Quick Reports, your Favorite Saved Reports or create a Custom Report as shown above.

Quick Reports

All of the Quick Reports in Litmos have a similar look ‘n feel and in most cases you can drill down further for more results by clicking the blue text within a report. 

To export a report at any stage click Download this report.

Create a Report

When the Quick Reports aren't cutting it, you may need to create a custom report. You’ll need to go to the ‘Reports’ tab and press the ‘Create a Report’ button. Select the report criteria – users, courses, date range, inactive users/results included – then press the ‘Run Report’ button. You can then select to ‘Export this report’ as a .csv file to your email address or someone else’s.

My Favorite Reports

You can save any custom report that you create, which is useful if you know you’ll want to run it on a regular basis. Once the report has run just click the ‘Add to favorites’ button. You will always have the choice to filter and export the report next time you come back.


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