What is Boost and how do I use it?

General Information about Boost

What is Boost?

Boost is a Litmos feature that can be activated from the Litmos Features tab that is available to Account Owners. Once Boost is activated, an Administrator can create a set of questions that are designed to be presented to learners at specified intervals outside of the course one the course has been completed.  These questions are released to Learners in intervals, and should be designed to reinforce lessons learned within the course to heighten memory retention  of those lessons over time. For example, Learners can receive booster questions every seven days after having already completed a course.  Based on the responses provided to those questions, feedback can be provided to the user's.

Why should I use Boost?

Studies show that after a learner completes a course they will begin to forget the course material.  By sending them refresher questions periodically after they have finished the course, they are more likely to retain the information for longer.

Using Boost

Enable Boost for your Account

  1. To use Boost, first navigate to the Accounts tab > Integrations.
  2. Select "Litmos Boost" in the "Litmos Integrations" section.
  3. Select "Enable Litmos Boost"
  4. Click "Save."

Note:   Tile view (located in Accounts > Profile) must be enabled to use Boost.

Create Boost Questions for a course

  1. Navigate to the Course you would like Boost to be enabled for.
  2. Click on the "Boost" sub tab.
  3. Create a boost question by selecting "Create a Boost" from the right (see below for more details on the Question Editor)Create_a_Boost.PNG
  4. Enter the Question Title, the Question, Answers, and mark the correct answers.
  5. Click "Save Boost" at the bottom.

Instead of creating new boost questions, you can add all multiple choice questions from all assessments within that course to use as a Boost question by selecting "Copy Assessments" from the Boost tab.

About Boost Questions

The question editor has four sections: the title, question, answers, and answer explanations.   See below for further explanations of each.

Title - The title is a required field in the Boost Question Editor.

Question - Write your question in the Boost Question area.  This field is required.  The character limit is 2000 characters.

Answers - Write the multiple choice answer types.  Next to the correct answer, click on the red "Incorrect" button to the right of the answer to change it to a green "Correct".  More than one answer may be correct for each Boost question.

Answer Explanations - Give your learners an explanation as to why they got the answer correct or incorrect.

Managing Boost Settings

To manage Boost Settings for the course

  1. Navigate to the "Settings" sub tab within the course.
  2. Navigate to the "Boost" section, located at the bottom of the Settings screen.

There are three options listed here:  

Frequency - How often will a Boost be released to a learner who has completed the course.

Question Limit - How many Boost questions will be released at a time.

Expiration - How long the Boost questions will remain in the learner's Dashboard or To Do list until they are removed.

Testing Boost Questions

Instead of waiting for Boost questions to be released, you can send the boost questions to your Learner View by clicking "Send sample boost" from within the Boost tab of a course.  To view the questions, navigate to your learner view.  

These questions will only appear in the Learner View for the user who has clicked the "Send sample boost" button.

How will Boost work with Learning Paths?

Boost is available on the Course level.  If a Learning Path contains a Course with Boost questions, once that course has been completed, Boost questions will start to appear on the Learner's Dashboard or To Do list. Completing or not completing the Learning Path will not affect if and when Boost questions are released to Learners.

What is the Learner Experience like?

When a Boost becomes available to a learner, they will receive a notification with a login link.  When a learner logs into their Litmos account, they will see how many Boosts are waiting for them.  They can click "Start Boost" to begin the Boost questions. 


The learner will then be asked to answer the boost questions.  

If they answer incorrectly, they will be given the incorrect answer explanation and will be shown the correct answer.  The question will be added back to the poll of questions to ask the learner in future Boosts.

Boost_Question.PNG  Boost_Question_incorrect.PNG

If they answer correctly, they will be given the correct answer explanation and they can proceed to the next question. The question will not be asked again.



Note:  Litmos Boost is not yet available on mobile devices.

How can I review the Boost questions answered by Learners?

There are two places to view how learners answered Boost questions:

User Profile - Click on the Boosts tab within a user's profile.  From the Boost tab, you can see the list of boost questions that have been given to a learner:

  • Course the boost belongs to
  • The Boost question title
  • The assignment date
  • Status of the boost (Completed, Not completed, Expired, and if it was a Sample)


Reporting - Click on the "Boosts" Quick report in the reporting tab.  This will give you a list of all courses that contain Boosts.  Click into the course and choose the tab at the top to view:

  • User View to see all people who have answered Boost questions for that course.
  • Question View to see all the questions in the Boost and how many people have answered the Boosts correctly.
  • User/ Question View to see what each user answered in a set of Boost Questions. 
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    Why is the Expiration time on our Boosts set at 30 days with no ability to edit that time frame? According to this article, it looks like we should be able to adjust that.

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