Learning Paths Overview

What is a Learning Path?

Use Learning Paths to organize courses and create prerequisites for your learners.  When courses have been added to a Learning Path, the list of courses will be available to Learners.  

Why you may want to use Learning Paths:

  • Guide Learners seamlessly from one course to the next
  • Create prerequisites by not allowing learners to proceed to the next course until they have completed the one before
  • Allow learners to take courses "a la carte" or group courses together; If they complete a course outside of a Learning Path the course will be considered completed within the Learning Path as well



To create a Learning Path:

  1. Select the Courses tab.
  2. Select the Learning Path tab at the top.  
  3. Select "Create a new Learning Path" on the right.
  4. Give the Learning Path a title and click "Save."

Adding Courses and Organizing the Learning Path

  1. Navigate to an existing Learning Path or create a new one using the instructions above.
  2. From the Content sub tab, select "Add Courses."
  3. Check the boxes next to the courses to add to the learning path and select "Add."
  4. To change the order of the courses, select "Reorder courses" above the list of added courses.  Drag and drop the courses in the desired order.  When done, select "Done reordering Courses."
  5. Cannot exceed 50 courses in a single Learning Path.

If the Learning Path has been changed (usually by adding or removing Courses) the Learning Path can be recalculated to reflect the change for users who the change would affect. See the Recalculation Help Guide for more information.   

Courses in a Learning Path can be marked as optional.  If a Course is marked as optional, it will not count toward the completion status for that Learning Path. 

Assign People and Teams

Both People and Teams can be assigned to a Learning Path similarly to adding them to a Course.  To assign a Learning Path to a Person or a Team:

  1. Navigate to an existing Learning Path or create a new one using the instructions above.
  2. Select the respective sub tab, either People or Teams.
  3. Select "Assign to existing people" or "Assign to team."
  4. Select the box next to the people or team and click "Assign."

Viewing a Learning Path as a Learner

Learning paths will appear to learners similarly to the way courses do but they will be marked with a "Learning Path" tag.  When the Learner clicks into the Learning Path, they will see the list of Courses in the Learning Path with a collapsible menu to view the Modules within each Course. 

The Learner will be able to see their progress as they move through the Learning Path.  The Learning Path progress will be be based on Course completion.  For example, if a Learning Path has four Courses, for each Course they complete, they will see the progression of the Learning Path advance by 25% until they reach 100%. 

When a Learner completes a Learning Path, they will receive an Achievement in their Achievements tab and the appropriate certificate.  See the Certificate Help Guide for more information.   


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