Can I duplicate an entire course?

Q.  I need to create two courses with very similar content. Is it possible to create one course and duplicate it? 

A.  All modules in a course can be duplicated or linked by:

  1. Navigating to an existing course or creating a new one
  2. Select "Browse"
  3. From the dropdown next to the search bar, select "Course", enter the title of the course to copy (optional), and click "Search"
  4. Select box next to the modules of the Course(s) you would like to duplicate or link to
  5. Select "Add Modules."
  6. Choose "Copy", "Mirror", or "Link".  See this article for more information about the difference between Copy and Link.

Note:  Only the modules will be copied or linked to the new course.  People and Team assignments, Noticeboard items, Reference Materials, and Settings will not be copied.

Note: Checklists cannot be copied. If your course contains a Checklist you will want to delete this after it has been copied over as this Checklist module will not work properly within the new course.



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