Help - A user is not able to see courses listed

There are two ways a Learner is able to see a course listed in their account.

The course has been assigned to the user.  By assigning a course to a user you are ensuring that the course will show up in their Home tab under Courses to do and in their course library. Assign a course to a user by:

  1. Navigating to the Courses tab
  2. Select the course to assign the user to
  3. Navigate to the People sub tab
  4. Select Assign to existing people from the right
  5. Select the user
  6. If you would not like to notify the user that they are being assign to this course, uncheck 'Send email notifications', otherwise leave checked
  7. Select Assign


Alternatively, assigning a user to a team who has the course assigned to them will allow them to see the course as well.  For more information, see the article How do I assign a course to a Team?


The course is listed in the course library.  Listing a course into the library makes the course available for any user in the system.  List a course in the course library by:

  1. Navigating to the Courses tab
  2. Select the course to add to the course library
  3. Select the Settings sub tab
  4. Check the box next to Course Library in the Display section
  5. Select Save

Note:  If you use the ecommerce feature and your courses are for sale you may NOT want to list your paid courses in the course library, doing so will make your courses available to anyone who has access to your account.

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