Adding Documentation to a Course for Learner's Download (Additional Reference/ Reference Materials)

Documentation can be added to a Course for learners to download in the form of Additional References. Learners are unable to download material directly from within a Course in order to avoid course material being used in malicious ways. However, downloadable documents can be stored in the Additional References section and can be accessed before learners enter into the course's modules.  If documentation needs to be available outside of the course, it may be uploaded here.  The documentation files support most common file types and is limited to 250MB per file and a total of 100 files per course.

To add documentation:

  1. From the Administration view, navigate to Courses and select the course to add the document to
  2. Select the Additional References sub tab
  3. Select the "Add a Document" button from the column on the right






Note:  Most common file types are supported with the exception of .exe.

To download the material:

  1. From the Learner view, open the course with the documentation.
  2. Documentation will be available under the Additional Reference header in the left hand column.



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