How to Reset a Course Result or Achievement

To reset a user/s course results follow these directions:

1. Click on the courses tab

2. Select your course 

3. Click in to the People tab within the course

4. Check the box alongside the user/s that you would like to reset

5. Go to the drop down box on the right that says 'Perform a bulk action on these people', and select 'Reset course results'

6. Click 'OK' and the results will be reset.




Note:  The original completion of the course will still be logged as an 'Achievement' in each user's account. To go further and delete these achievements as well, you need to do this at an individual level by going in to each user's profile via the main People tab, then in to their Courses sub-tab and click the 'Edit this result' button alongside the course. You can then delete the achievement using the 'x' alongside the course completed date (see image below).



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