Courses Overview

The Courses tab is your home for creating new courses and managing existing ones. You can upload content from your computer into online courses and you can also assign courses out to your trainees.

  • Create, edit or manage courses
  • Add a new Module to a course
  • Updating modules in a course
  • Send your course out to trainees
  • Set up course notification messages

Create, Edit, or Manage Courses:

When you click on the Courses tab you will see a list of all of the courses that you have created in Litmos. To create a new course click on the green “Create a New Course” button, otherwise you can edit or manage the courses you have previously created by clicking on the relevant course title.

Whether you’re creating a new course or editing an existing one, the following screen shot shows you the course management screen in Tile Theme.

Note: When creating a new course, type the name manually rather than using cut-paste as this can allow hidden characters to corrupt your Course Name.



The two most common tasks that you need to perform when managing your course are:

a) Creating the content by adding modules and
b) Assigning it to your trainees.

You can add new modules to your course by selecting "Choose a file," "Create," "Browse," or dragging a file into the light grey area labeled "Drop Files Here."  Send the course out to your trainees by clicking on the “People” sub tab.


Add a New Module to a Course:

Over the years we’ve found that most people building courses in Litmos already have some content that they want to deliver online. So, we’ve made it super easy for you to create your course by uploading your existing content, or by adding in one of our "Create" modules, such as an Assessment or Survey.


You have several options as to the type of module you want to create.


  • Video – Upload a video file (max file size: 1GB). The video will be viewable in a similar format to that of YouTube only it’s private so only the people on your course can see it.
  • PowerPoint or OpenOffice – Upload your presentations (max file size: 30Mb) and they will be viewable online without your trainees needing to have PowerPoint installed on their computer.
  • SCORM – Upload a SCORM 1.2 compliant zip file.  Anything from Captivate, Articulate, Camtasia etc will work!
  • Flash Movie – Upload Flash (SWF) objects that you have created in other applications.


  • Assessment - Create an assessment containing Multiple Choice, Keyword, and Free Text / Essay style questions
  • Survey – Create a simple survey using a mixture of different question types to gauge the effectiveness of your course, or just find out more about your trainees.
  • Page of information - Create a page of text or an intricate page with HTML.
  • Live Session or ILT - Track and manage you classroom and webinar live training for synchronous or blended learning.
  • User Checklist - Have your learners mark off items or have your administrators evaluate your learners.
  • Embed - Use this option to embed publicly available content from other websites such as YouTube or Slideshare.
  • Link to another website - IFrame content from another website into your Litmos instance.


  • Duplicate or Link – Use this option to include a module that you have created in another course. If a module is “Linked” between one or more courses the trainee will only have to complete it once. If you want to use most of a module contained in another course but add a little extra to it, you should use the “Duplicate” option.

Updating Modules in a Course (Editing/ Removing/ Adding):

You can change a course by updating content, i.e. uploading a new version of a video module, make edits to an assessment, adding a new module or removing a module  (by clicking the ”X” icon to the right of module that you want to remove).  When you change the course the learner will get the latest version of the course. If a learner has already completed this course and the "Change affects up-to-date status and the course will be placed back on Learner's To-Do list" check box has been checked, their record will still display as complete however this is marked as “course updated”.


Send Your Course Out to Trainees:

When you’re ready to send out your course click the “People” sub tab in the Course section. You can click on the button to “Assign to existing users” which allows you select users that already have accounts created. Alternatively you can click on the “Import new people” button which allows you to  enter a comma-separated list of email addresses of users to be assigned to the course and Litmos will automatically create an account for each user and send them a welcome email.



 Course History

The "History" tab in a course shows all changes that have been made to that course  including:

  • Course creation
  • Course settings changed
  • Modules added
  • Modules updated
  • Modules deleted
  • Modules made optional
  • Modules made mandatory
  • Reference Materials added


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