How to Add a Certificate

If you add a certificate template to your Course Learners will be able to download their personalized certificate as a PDF file upon completion of the course.

To add a certificate:

1. From Admin view, navigate to the Course or Learning Path to add a certificate to

2. Click on the Settings tab 

3. Scroll down to the "Certificate template" section and upload your certificate file (see below for more details) 

4. Once the certificate is uploaded, test it by clicking the "Show me a preview" link to make sure it is generating properly 

Your certificate template can contain a selection of placeholders which will be replaced with the relevant values when the certificate is downloaded.

Supported Template File Types

Generally certificates should be created using Microsoft Word or a similar program and imported into the Course settings. You can upload your certificate template as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.

Placeholder Fields for Courses and Learning Paths

[COURSE_TITLE] - Unique to Courses
[LEARNING_PATH_TITLE] - Unique to Learning Paths
[COMPLETION_DATE] - The date the learner completed the Course
[START_DATE] - The date the learner started the Course
[COMPLIANT_DATE] - The date the learner has gained compliance on the Course until
[CERTIFICATE_#] - An auto generated unique certificate number

You can make the place holder fields any size and color you like in the certificate, but they must be entered exactly the same as above. i.e. Capitalized and with square brackets on either end. 

The certificate supports most default Microsoft Office fonts, but some custom fonts will be matched as closely as possible. 

Supported Fonts

This list encompasses the supported fonts for certificates, if you choose to use a font outside of this list it will revert to the closest font  in this list. 

Arial (TrueType)

Agency FB (TrueType)

Agency FB Bold (TrueType)

Aharoni Bold (TrueType)

Algerian (TrueType)

Andalus (TrueType)

Angsana New (TrueType)

Angsana New Bold (TrueType)

Angsana New Bold Italic (TrueType)

Angsana New Italic (TrueType)

AngsanaUPC (TrueType)

AngsanaUPC Bold (TrueType)

AngsanaUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

AngsanaUPC Italic (TrueType)

Aparajita (TrueType)

Aparajita Bold (TrueType)

Aparajita Bold Italic(TrueType)

Aparajita Italic (TrueType)

Arabic Typesetting (TrueType)

Arial Black (TrueType)

Arial Bold (TrueType)

Arial Bold Italic (TrueType)

Arial Italic (TrueType)

Arial Narrow (TrueType)

Arial Narrow Bold (TrueType)

Arial Narrow Bold Italic (TrueType)

Arial Narrow Italic (TrueType)

Arial Rounded MT Bold (TrueType)

Arial Unicode MS (TrueType)

Baskerville Old Face (TrueType)




GungsuhChe (TrueType)


Bell MT (TrueType)

Bell MT Bold (TrueType)

Bell MT Italic (TrueType)

Berlin Sans FB (TrueType)

Berlin Sans FB Bold (TrueType)

Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold (TrueType)

Bernard MT Condensed (TrueType)

Blackadder ITC (TrueType)

Bodoni MT (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Black (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Black Italic (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Bold (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Bold Italic (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Condensed (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Condensed Bold (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Condensed Bold Italic (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Condensed Italic (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Italic (TrueType)

Bodoni MT Poster Compressed (TrueType)

Book Antiqua (TrueType)

Book Antiqua Bold (TrueType)

Book Antiqua Bold Italic (TrueType)

Book Antiqua Italic (TrueType)

Bookman Old Style (TrueType)

Bookman Old Style Bold (TrueType)

Bookman Old Style Bold Italic (TrueType)

Bookman Old Style Italic (TrueType)

Bookshelf Symbol

Bradley Hand ITC (TrueType)

Britannic Bold (TrueType)

Broadway (TrueType)

Browallia New (TrueType)

Browallia New Bold (TrueType)

Browallia New Bold Italic (TrueType)

Browallia New Italic (TrueType)

BrowalliaUPC (TrueType)

BrowalliaUPC Bold (TrueType)

BrowalliaUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

BrowalliaUPC Italic (TrueType)

Brush Script MT Italic (TrueType)

Calibri (TrueType)

Calibri Bold (TrueType)

Calibri Bold Italic (TrueType)

Calibri Italic (TrueType)

Calibri Light (TrueType)

Calibri Light Italic (TrueType)

Californian FB (TrueType)

Californian FB Bold (TrueType)

Californian FB Italic (TrueType)

Calisto MT (TrueType)

Calisto MT Bold (TrueType)

Calisto MT Bold Italic (TrueType)

Calisto MT Italic (TrueType)

Cambria & Cambria Math (TrueType)

Cambria Bold (TrueType)

Cambria Bold Italic (TrueType)

Cambria Italic (TrueType)

Candara (TrueType)

Candara Bold (TrueType)

Candara Bold Italic (TrueType)

Candara Italic (TrueType)

Castellar (TrueType)

Centaur (TrueType)

Century (TrueType)

Century Gothic (TrueType)

Century Gothic Bold (TrueType)

Century Gothic Bold Italic (TrueType)

Century Gothic Italic (TrueType)

Century Schoolbook (TrueType)

Century Schoolbook Bold (TrueType)

Century Schoolbook Bold Italic (TrueType)

Century Schoolbook Italic (TrueType)

Chiller (TrueType)

Colonna MT (TrueType)

Comic Sans MS (TrueType)

Comic Sans MS Bold (TrueType)

Consolas (TrueType)

Consolas Bold (TrueType)

Consolas Bold Italic (TrueType)

Consolas Italic (TrueType)

Constantia (TrueType)

Constantia Bold (TrueType)

Constantia Bold Italic (TrueType)

Constantia Italic (TrueType)

Cooper Black (TrueType)

Copperplate Gothic Bold (TrueType)

Copperplate Gothic Light (TrueType)

Corbel (TrueType)

Corbel Bold (TrueType)

Corbel Bold Italic (TrueType)

Corbel Italic (TrueType)

Cordia New (TrueType)

Cordia New Bold (TrueType)

Cordia New Bold Italic (TrueType)

Cordia New Italic (TrueType)

CordiaUPC (TrueType)

CordiaUPC Bold (TrueType)

CordiaUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

CordiaUPC Italic (TrueType)


Courier New (TrueType)

Courier New Bold (TrueType)

Courier New Bold Italic (TrueType)

Courier New Italic (TrueType)

Curlz MT (TrueType)

DaunPenh (TrueType)

David (TrueType)

David Bold (TrueType)


DilleniaUPC (TrueType)

DilleniaUPC Bold (TrueType)

DilleniaUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

DilleniaUPC Italic (TrueType)

DokChampa (TrueType)

Ebrima (TrueType)

Ebrima Bold (TrueType)

Edwardian Script ITC (TrueType)

Elephant (TrueType)

Elephant Italic (TrueType)

Engravers MT (TrueType)

Eras Bold ITC (TrueType)

Eras Demi ITC (TrueType)

Eras Light ITC (TrueType)

Eras Medium ITC (TrueType)

Estrangelo Edessa (TrueType)

EucrosiaUPC (TrueType)

EucrosiaUPC Bold (TrueType)

EucrosiaUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

EucrosiaUPC Italic (TrueType)

Euphemia (TrueType)

FangSong (TrueType)

Felix Titling (TrueType)

Footlight MT Light (TrueType)

Forte (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Book (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Book Italic (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Demi (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Demi Cond (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Demi Italic (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Heavy (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Medium (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Medium Cond (TrueType)

Franklin Gothic Medium Italic (TrueType)

FrankRuehl (TrueType)

FreesiaUPC (TrueType)

FreesiaUPC Bold (TrueType)

FreesiaUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

FreesiaUPC Italic (TrueType)

Freestyle Script (TrueType)

French Script MT (TrueType)

Gabriola (TrueType)

Garamond (TrueType)

Garamond Bold (TrueType)

Garamond Italic (TrueType)

Gautami (TrueType)

Gautami Bold (TrueType)

Georgia (TrueType)

Georgia Bold (TrueType)

Georgia Bold Italic (TrueType)

Georgia Italic (TrueType)

Gigi (TrueType)

Gill Sans MT (TrueType)

Gill Sans MT Bold (TrueType)

Gill Sans MT Bold Italic (TrueType)

Gill Sans MT Condensed (TrueType)

Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold (TrueType)

Gill Sans MT Italic (TrueType)

Gill Sans Ultra Bold (TrueType)

Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed (TrueType)

Gisha (TrueType)

Gisha Bold (TrueType)

Gloucester MT Extra Condensed (TrueType)

Goudy Old Style (TrueType)

Goudy Old Style Bold (TrueType)

Goudy Old Style Italic (TrueType)

Goudy Stout (TrueType)



DotumChe (TrueType)

Haettenschweiler (TrueType)

Harlow Solid Italic (TrueType)

Harrington (TrueType)

High Tower Text (TrueType)

High Tower Text Italic (TrueType)

Impact (TrueType)

Imprint MT Shadow (TrueType)

Informal Roman (TrueType)

IrisUPC (TrueType)

IrisUPC Bold (TrueType)

IrisUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

IrisUPC Italic (TrueType)

Iskoola Pota (TrueType)

Iskoola Pota Bold (TrueType)

JasmineUPC (TrueType)

JasmineUPC Bold (TrueType)

JasmineUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

JasmineUPC Italic (TrueType)

Jokerman (TrueType)

Juice ITC (TrueType)

KaiTi (TrueType)

Kalinga (TrueType)

Kalinga Bold (TrueType)

Kartika (TrueType)

Kartika Bold (TrueType)

Khmer UI (TrueType)

Khmer UI Bold (TrueType)

KodchiangUPC (TrueType)

KodchiangUPC Bold (TrueType)

KodchiangUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

KodchiangUPC Italic (TrueType)

Kokila (TrueType)

Kokila Bold (TrueType)

Kokila Bold Italic(TrueType)

Kokila Italic (TrueType)

Kristen ITC (TrueType)

Kunstler Script (TrueType)

Lao UI (TrueType)

Lao UI Bold (TrueType)

Latha (TrueType)

Latha Bold (TrueType)

Leelawadee (TrueType)

Leelawadee Bold (TrueType)

Levenim MT (TrueType)

Levenim MT Bold (TrueType)

LilyUPC (TrueType)

LilyUPC Bold (TrueType)

LilyUPC Bold Italic (TrueType)

LilyUPC Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Bright (TrueType)

Lucida Bright Demibold (TrueType)

Lucida Bright Demibold Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Bright Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Calligraphy Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Console (TrueType)

Lucida Fax Demibold (TrueType)

Lucida Fax Demibold Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Fax Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Fax Regular (TrueType)

Lucida Handwriting Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Demibold Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Demibold Roman (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Italic (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Regular (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Typewriter Bold (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Typewriter Bold Oblique (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Typewriter Oblique (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Typewriter Regular (TrueType)

Lucida Sans Unicode (TrueType)

Magneto Bold (TrueType)

Maiandra GD (TrueType)

Malgun Gothic (TrueType)

Malgun Gothic Bold (TrueType)

Mangal (TrueType)

Mangal Bold (TrueType)

Matura MT Script Capitals (TrueType)


Meiryo Italic

Meiryo UI

Meiryo UI Italic (TrueType)

Meiryo Bold

Meiryo Bold Italic

Meiryo UI Bold

Meiryo UI Bold Italic (TrueType)

Microsoft Himalaya (TrueType)

Microsoft JhengHei (TrueType)

Microsoft JhengHei Bold (TrueType)

Microsoft New Tai Lue (TrueType)

Microsoft New Tai Lue Bold (TrueType)

Microsoft PhagsPa (TrueType)

Microsoft PhagsPa Bold (TrueType)

Microsoft Sans Serif (TrueType)

Microsoft Tai Le (TrueType)

Microsoft Tai Le Bold (TrueType)

Microsoft Uighur (TrueType)

Microsoft YaHei (TrueType)

Microsoft YaHei Bold (TrueType)

Microsoft Yi Baiti (TrueType)


MingLiU & PMingLiU & MingLiU_HKSCS (TrueType)

Miriam (TrueType)

Miriam Fixed (TrueType)

Mistral (TrueType)

Modern (All res)

Modern No.

Mongolian Baiti (TrueType)

Monotype Corsiva (TrueType)

MoolBoran (TrueType)

MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic (TrueType)

MS Mincho & MS PMincho (TrueType)

MS Outlook (TrueType)

MS Reference Sans Serif (TrueType)

MS Reference Specialty (TrueType)

MS Sans Serif

MS Serif

MT Extra (TrueType)

MV Boli (TrueType)

Narkisim (TrueType)

Niagara Engraved (TrueType)

Niagara Solid (TrueType)

Nyala (TrueType)

OCR A Extended (TrueType)

Old English Text MT (TrueType)

Onyx (TrueType)

Palace Script MT (TrueType)

Palatino Linotype (TrueType)

Palatino Linotype Bold (TrueType)

Palatino Linotype Bold Italic (TrueType)

Palatino Linotype Italic (TrueType)

Papyrus (TrueType)

Parchment (TrueType)

Perpetua (TrueType)

Perpetua Bold (TrueType)

Perpetua Bold Italic (TrueType)

Perpetua Italic (TrueType)

Perpetua Titling MT Bold (TrueType)

Perpetua Titling MT Light (TrueType)

Plantagenet Cherokee (TrueType)

Playbill (TrueType)

Poor Richard (TrueType)

Pristina (TrueType)

Raavi (TrueType)

Raavi Bold (TrueType)

Rage Italic (TrueType)

Ravie (TrueType)

Rockwell (TrueType)

Rockwell Bold (TrueType)

Rockwell Bold Italic (TrueType)

Rockwell Condensed (TrueType)

Rockwell Condensed Bold (TrueType)

Rockwell Extra Bold (TrueType)

Rockwell Italic (TrueType)

Rod (TrueType)

Roman (All res)

Sakkal Majalla (TrueType)

Sakkal Majalla Bold (TrueType)

Script (All res)

Script MT Bold (TrueType)

Segoe Condensed (TrueType)

Segoe Condensed Bold (TrueType)

Segoe Print (TrueType)

Segoe Print Bold (TrueType)

Segoe Script (TrueType)

Segoe Script Bold (TrueType)

Segoe UI (TrueType)

Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)

Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)

Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)

Segoe UI Light (TrueType)

Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)

Segoe UI Symbol (TrueType)

Shonar Bangla (TrueType)

Shonar Bangla Bold (TrueType)

Showcard Gothic (TrueType)

Shruti (TrueType)

Shruti Bold (TrueType)

SimHei (TrueType)

Simplified Arabic (TrueType)

Simplified Arabic Bold (TrueType)

Simplified Arabic Fixed (TrueType)


SimSun & NSimSun (TrueType)

Small Fonts

Small Fonts (

Snap ITC (TrueType)

Stencil (TrueType)

Sylfaen (TrueType)

Symbol (TrueType)

Tahoma (TrueType)

Tahoma Bold (TrueType)

Tempus Sans ITC (TrueType)

Times New Roman (TrueType)

Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)

Times New Roman Bold Italic (TrueType)

Times New Roman Italic (TrueType)

Traditional Arabic (TrueType)

Traditional Arabic Bold (TrueType)

Trebuchet MS (TrueType)

Trebuchet MS Bold (TrueType)

Trebuchet MS Bold Italic (TrueType)

Trebuchet MS Italic (TrueType)

Tunga (TrueType)

Tunga Bold (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT Bold (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT Bold Italic (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT Condensed (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT Condensed Bold (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold (TrueType)

Tw Cen MT Italic (TrueType)

Utsaah (TrueType)

Utsaah Bold (TrueType)

Utsaah Bold Italic(TrueType)

Utsaah Italic (TrueType)

Vani (TrueType)

Vani Bold (TrueType)

Verdana (TrueType)

Verdana Bold (TrueType)

Verdana Bold Italic (TrueType)

Verdana Italic (TrueType)

Vijaya (TrueType)

Vijaya Bold (TrueType)

Viner Hand ITC (TrueType)

Vivaldi Italic (TrueType)

Vladimir Script (TrueType)

Vrinda (TrueType)

Vrinda Bold (TrueType)

Webdings (TrueType)

Wide Latin (TrueType)



Wingdings (TrueType)



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