Compliance Overview and How to Enable Tracking and Automatic Reminders

The Compliance settings in Litmos provide three main utility features:

  • Give people a certain amount of time to complete a course from the date it is assigned to them
  • Mark people as compliant for a period of time once they complete a course
  • Help in keeping your people compliant by sending out automatic email reminders to resit the course when compliance is almost up

Setting it up

Compliance settings are optional so you can pick which type of compliance tracking that is important to your organization.


For example, you might not set a “Compliant for” time span but you might really want to keep track of people who don’t complete courses within a specific period of time. To do this you would set the “Must Complete By” field to a specific time span and you would leave the “Compliant For” field set to forever.

Note:  If a user has not completed a course by the "Must Complete By" date, they will not be locked out of the system or course.

Keeping track of compliance

As soon as you enable compliance settings for a course you will see indicators on the people and teams tabs for your course that show the current compliance status.


Manually sending email reminders and resetting results

You can manually send out a compliance reminder email to one or more students or everyone in a team by clicking the checkbox next to the relevant people or teams and then selecting “Send compliance reminder email” from the bulk actions dropdown list on the right handside.

If you want to reset all of the course results for particular people, simply select those people the same as for sending the reminders but instead select “Reset course results” from the bulk action list. This will move the course back into the To Do list for each person selected.

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