Navigating the Learner View - Classic View

This documentation explains the navigation of the Learner view.

Classic View

Header Navigation


From left to right:

  • Logo - The company logo.
  • Username - Your username.
  • My Profile & Settings - Change your information here including Profile picture, Password, Time Zone, Language, Address, Email and more.
  • Sign-Out - To insure the highest security possible, sign out of the system.

Home Tab


  • Welcome Message - This message is shown by default.  A learner can turn this off by unchecking the "Always show this message when I log in" box and can turn it back on from the "My Profile & Settings" page.
  • Latest News - Current messages from the administrator(s) will be shown here.
  • Courses to do - All courses that the learner needs to do will be listed here.  Once the learner has completed a course it will be removed from this list.  The learner will also be able to view their current progress, overdue courses, and courses that have been updated since the learner had completed them.  If a learner is no longer compliant for a course, it will automatically move to the Courses to do list.

Course Library Tab


  • Categories - Filter courses by topic or type.
  • Course List - All available courses will be listed here, including complete and incomplete courses.  All courses in the course catalog and that have been assigned to the learner will be listed.  Use the Search bar at the top of the list to search for a specific course.    To play a course, click on the title of the course.
  • Recently Viewed - Courses that were last viewed.



  • Achievements - All Achievements will be listed here.  If the course has a certificate for the learner to download, they can select download my certificate next to the Achievement.
  • Gamification - If you have Gamification enabled, this is where the learner will see the Leaderboard and the points/badges they have earned.



  • Messages - The most recent messages will be listed here.  Search through your inbox by typing text into the search bar.
  • New Messages - View only new unread messages.
  • Inbox - View all messages in the Inbox.
  • Sent - All emails that were sent by you.
  • Folders - Organize messages into folders.


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