Access Roles Best Practices

Access roles are important due to information within the system and changes that users may be able to make.  Below are some best practices to insuring the highest level of security.

  • Have more than one Account Owner - If you only have one Account Owner and that Account Owner leaves the company, you will not have access to the Accounts tab or to create additional Account Owners.  Note:  There is no limit to the number of any access role per account.
  • Give each user the minimum possible access role - This prevents users from changing information, creating or changing users to a higher Access Role and more. 
  • Be familiar with each Access Role - Knowing the capabilities of each access role will insure that you are associating the most appropriate access role to each user.

For more information on Access Roles, see this article.

If you have further questions or any doubts, please contact to ensure the highest security possible.

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