Learner View - Classic Layout

A user with the Access Role of Account Owner, Administrator or Team Leader will need to select "Switch to learner view" to see the learner side.  The learner side for any user with these roles is identical to a user with a Learner Access Role.  


Learner view has four tabs: 

Learners will also have the ability to edit their Profile and Settings and log out.



The Home tab consists of:

  • The Trainee Welcome Page - Can be edited within the Messages and Labels section in Accounts.
  • Latest News - Can be updated in the Latest News tab in Dashboard in the Admin view.
  • Courses to do - A list of all incomplete courses that have been assigned to the user.  Overdue courses will appear on top, followed by all other assigned courses in alphabetical order.  Completed courses that have been updated since completion will also appear here.


Course Library

The Course Library contains all the courses the user has access to.  This includes courses they have been assign to and completed, courses they have been assigned to and have not completed, all courses that have been added into the course library.  

All courses that have the Course Library option enabled will be included here.  Therefore, if you plan on selling a course, we recommend to disable the Course Library feature for that course.  Otherwise all users will have access to it through the Course Library whether or not the course is a paid for course.


All completed courses for this user will be listed here along with the date of completion.  If a certificate has been uploaded to a course, the user will be able to download the certificate from here.


Messages allow for users to communicate with each other.  Account Owners have the option of turning this feature off completely or limiting it's use.  

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