How do I re-send the first login link email out to users?

Q: One of the learners did not receive the invitation to the platform. Does the "Send login email" link at the right panel do this? Otherwise, how else can we re-send an invitation?

A. To re-send just one user's login information email out to them again, click on the People tab, then click into the person's profile, and then click the red 'Send login email' link on the right side of the page or click on the red 'never logged in' link located under the learner's name in the list of learners in your People tab. This will re-send only their login details out to them again.

If you ever want to re-send all of the login emails out to every person that has never logged in to their account, then you can do this by Navigating to the People tab and click on the 'Send login emails' link located in the upper right hand corner.

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