Deactivating a user - Individually & in Bulk

Q: Once a user signs in, how can they be deactivated at a later date? 

A. To deactivate a user, go to the People tab, select the user, then click the big red 'Deactivate' button in the top right. This will mean the person can no longer log in, but their reporting information will still be available in the reports area should you filter on Inactive people.  Auto deactivation can be set by editing user’s profile and setting a date in the “Inactivate date” field.

If you are using the ecommerce tool, the user's profile will automatically reactivate should the user purchase a subsequent course from your organization through the eCommerce page, using the same login information. 

Deactivating Users in Bulk

To deactivate users in bulk, go to the People Tab and choose "Select All" located underneath the search bar. Once you have selected this option, look for the white drop down on the right hand side of the page and choose "Deactivate Users". You can also use this same feature to "Reactivate Users" in bulk.

Another option is to activate or deactivate learners using the CSV template via the 'Import people in bulk' tool. Add a column for Deactivation and choose TRUE for Active and FALSE for inactive.

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