People Overview

Use the people tab to create and manage your learner’s.


  • Creating & managing a people
    • New user
    • Password information
    • Forgotten password
    • Customizing new user email message
  • User-based notification messages
  • Creating & managing a team
  • Team-based notification messages

Creating & managing people

Every person that requires access to your training courses requires their own account. To create a new account click the “Add a new person” button, or to edit an existing person by clicking on their name.

Assigning a person to a single course can be done when you’re editing a course on the “Courses” tab, but sometimes you may want to assign the user to multiple courses or teams all at the same time. When you’re editing a user click on the “Teams” or “Courses” tab to view, add, and remove the teams and courses that the user is assigned to.

New user



Once you have filled in the new person’s information click the “Add person” button.  If you have checked the “Send a welcome email to this person inviting them to login” box an email to be sent which welcomes the new person to your training platform. The New User Email Message contains their user name and a link to click on which takes the new user to their first login screen where they will then choose a password and enter their account.

Note: The username must be unique to any other user in your Account.  The username cannot be changed once it has been set.

Note:  The username must be at least four characters long.  If a password is set, the password must be at least six characters long.

Forgotten password

If a person has forgotten their password they can either go to the main log in screen and click the “Forgot Password?” link, or their Trainer may click the “Password Reset” button within their user profile, under the People tab. This will activate a new email to be sent out to the user’s address which contains a link to click on, allowing them to create a new password.

Customizing new user email message

To add custom welcome text to the New User Email Welcome Message click on the Account page, then “Email setup” tab.   Then under the “Create a custom email template” section if you click on the “New user welcome message & login link” you can edit the email template.   The email already contains default text which you can customize to a more personalized greeting.


User-based notification messages

Every time you assign a user to a team or a course they will be sent a message advising them that they have new training to complete or have been added to a new team. If you remove teams or courses from a user they will also get a notification message advising them of the change.

Creating & managing a team

Teams are a great way to manage groups of users and make assigning courses to larger numbers of users a lot faster. Also, by adding users to teams you can take advantage of team-based reporting and compare results between teams. Whether you use teams to separate users between your various regional offices or product teams within your company we know that you will appreciate the power that user teams brings to your training system.

Team-based notification messages

When you assign a course to a team all of the users in that team instantly get a message advising them of the new training that has been assigned to them.  If you add or remove a user from a team, then that user will get a message notifying them of the change.

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