Bulk Import Overview - Import users in bulk

If you have a large number of users to create or edit in Litmos, you will want to use our bulk import option. This will enable you to upload a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file containing up to 5000 users, and automatically send out a login email to each one if needed.

To get started, click on the “People” tab in Litmos and then select the “Import people in bulk” option.



Building your CSV file

For the CSV file template, click the “use this template to get started” link.  To edit the CSV file, we recommend using text editor like Notepad or a spreadsheet tool like Excel or Google Sheets.

There are many fields that can be uploaded for each user. The fields Username, First Name and Last Name are mandatory and the rest are optional.

  • Username
  • Email[Optional]
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password[Optional]
  • Phone [Optional]
  • Mobile [Optional]
  • Skype [Optional]
  • Job Title[Optional]
  • Company Name[Optional]
  • WebSite[Optional]
  • Twitter[Optional]
  • Team1 [Optional except when team leaders/team admins are performing the import]**
  • Team2 [Optional]
  • Team3 [Optional]
  • Team4 [Optional]
  • Team5 [Optional]
  • Course1 [Optional]
  • Course2 [Optional]
  • Course3 [Optional]
  • Address1 [Optional]
  • Address2 [Optional]
  • City [Optional]
  • State [Optional]
  • Zip [Optional]
  • Country [Optional]
  • CustomField1 [Optional]
  • CustomField2 [Optional]
  • CustomField3 [Optional]
  • CustomField4 [Optional]
  • CustomField5 [Optional]
  • CustomField6 [Optional]
  • CustomField7 [Optional]
  • CustomField8 [Optional]
  • CustomField9 [Optional]
  • CustomField10 [Optional]
  • Lauguage [Optional]
  • Activate [Optional]
  • Brand [Optional]
  • LearningPath1 [Optional]
  • LearningPath2 [Optional]
  • LearningPath3 [Optional]
  • AccessLevel [Optional]

**When Team Leaders/Team Admins Perform an Import: **The Team1 Column is mandatory for Team Leaders/Team Admins performing an import since team leaders/team admins can only import to their team(s). Without a team, the import will fail for team leaders/team admins.

Note: When you construct your CSV file be sure to add each new user on a new line.

Note:  For a list of Language codes, see the article, Languages - This is a list of possible culture values.

Once the CSV file has been constructed, upload the file by selecting it and clicking “Next”.  If the field names are listed in the first row of the file then check the “The first row of my file contains column titles” box so the import ignores the first row.

Import people directly into teams

The optional Team1, Team2, Team3, Team4 and Team5 columns make it possible to import people directly into teams.

First, create the Teams in Litmos. Second, retrieve each team's unique import code from each team's settings tab. Third, enter this code into one of the Team1-Team5 columns of your CSV file.


Matching the Data with the Litmos Import Fields

The final step is to map the columns in the file with the fields Litmos needs to create a new user account.  Once the fields have been mapped, click “Import” and your file will be queued for importing.  At this step, login details can be sent to each of the new users by checking the “Send a login emails" box and an email will be sent to each user that is successfully imported.  If the "Skip First Login" box is checked, the users will not be prompted to verify their profile information and reset their password upon their first login.


Reviewing the Status of the Import

A list of your recent bulk imports and the status of each bulk import is displayed on the right side of the People page.  You can also download a CSV file that contains the import status of each of your new user records.


NOTE:  When importing a CSV containing special characters, such as Chinese, Koran, or Hebrew, reference this article to minimize possible errors.


For Bulk Deactivation of users.

In the bulk upload file, keep all the columns intact and just update Username, FirstName, LastName and FALSE option in the Activate column.

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