Courses (API) - Get a list of users assigned to a course

The following requests relate to listing users assigned to a course via the Litmos Training Engine API.

Note: All requests must be Authenticated. If you want to list,add & remove courses to a user see People – List, Add & Remove Courses

List Users

Get a list of all users assigned to a course.

Access Level: Trainers Only

Request Uri

GET /courses/[courseid]/users


   <Id>string [max length 50]</Id>
   <UserName> string [max length 255]</UserName>
   <FirstName> string [max length 100]</FirstName>
   <LastName> string [max length 100]</LastName>
<CompliantTill>2010-01-07T04:37:06.23 [ISO8601]</CompliantTill>
<DueDate>2010-01-07T04:37:06.23 [ISO8601]</DueDate>


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