Achievements (API) - Get a list of users with recent achievements

The following requests relate to listing courses via the Litmos Training Engine API.

Note: All requests must be Authenticated

List Achievements

When a person completes a course in Litmos an Achievement is added to their profile. This API request enables you to get a list of achievements in descending order and also provides the ability to filter the achievements by date or user.

For example, If you wanted to keep track of when users in your organization complete courses you could make a daily request to/achievements and pass in the previous days date in the since parameter to get all of the achievements that have happened since that date.

Access Level: Trainers Only

Optional query filters

userid – return all of the achievements for a given user
since – return all achievements since a given date YYYY-MM-DD
paging – see

Request Uri

GET /achievements?apikey={API_KEY}&source=MY_APP&since=2017-01-01&userid={USER-ID}


   <UserId>string [max length 50]</UserId>  
   <Title>string [max length 512]</Title>  
   <AchievementDate>datetime [iso 8601 format]</AchievementDate>  
   <CourseId>string [max length 50]</CourseId>  
   <CompliantTillDate nil="true">datetime [iso 8601 format]</CompliantTillDate>  
   <Score>string [max length 50]</Score>  
   <Result>string [max length 50]</Result>  
   <Type>string [max length 255]</Type> 
</Achievement>  <Achievement>  ...  </Achievement>  </Achievement>

Field description

UserId – The person that gained the achievement
Title – The title of the course or achievement
Description – The description of the achievement
AchievementDate – The date & time the achievement was gained
CourseId – If the achievement was completing a course in Litmos this is the course that was completed
CompliantTillDate – If populated this indicates when a person is compliant till.
Score – If populated this indicates the person score when gaining the achievement
Result – A free text description of the achievement status. e.g. Completed
Type – The type of achievement e.g. Online Course

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