Litmos system updates

We’re always working on new features and ideas to keep Litmos positioned as the easiest to use Learning Management System on the market.  Please contact with questions about the features listed below.

Below are the release notes for all for all of the updates that we roll out.
















  • Updates to course builder
  • ILT changes including new ILT Quick Report and an Instructor Role
  • Increase size limit for SCORM and Reference material
  • Bug Fixes


  • Gamification Leaderboards
  • Team Admin Role 
  • Remove and grant permissions to Team Leaders and Team Admin
  • All emails are fully customizable
  • Additional options listed in an ILT session type
  • Easily format course descriptions with a built in HTML editor
  • Bug Fixes


  • API Access to Learning Paths
  • Bug Fixes


  • Badges/ Points
  • Additional columns, aggregation data and Chart Views for Learning Path, People, Courses, and Teams Quick Reports
  • Quick Reports can now be scheuled to export periodically in CSV or PDF format
  • User results report includes team name, best score, and module type
  • Custom CSV includes headers
  • Add Team attribute to SAML
  • Assessment Results - Additional option to show only group results to learners
  • Bulk Mark Users as Complete
  • Bug Fixes


  • Format Change to exporting CSV reports from Quick Reports
  • Bug Fixes


  • Show only grouping results on learner's assessment results
  • Add Team Attribute to SAML
  • Allow HTML tags in Email templates
  • Ability to turn off users from resetting their password in My Profile & Settings
  • Bug Fixes


  • Set Learning Paths to be taken in any order
  • Disable user's ability to change their password
  • Bug Fixes


  • User Checklists
  • Enhanced Salesforce Integration 
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Bug Fixes


  • Self Sign-Up page with codes associated with Teams, Learning Paths, and Courses
  • Additional survey report
  • New touring features


  • Learning Paths
  • Different Layouts
  • ILT automatic session reminder emails
  • Module completion emails to learners


  • User Interface update using Bootstrap
  • Added Assessment groupings
  • A new compliance report
  • Go To Training Integration
  • A passmark for video completion
  • Bug Fixes


  • New upload control using either Flash or HTML5 for Flash and PowerPoint modules
  • Created Date field added to the People Quick Report
  • Teams column added to the People Quick Report when exported
  • New SCORM upload control
  • More API calls to display all users assigned to a given course, assign courses to a team, and delete courses from a team.
  • Bug Fixes


  • Icons added to modules that have been Link or Duplicated to help determine changes.
  • Mirror module has been added.  The mirror module will allow changes made to each module that has been mirrored, however, reporting and complete status will be seperate.
  • Reordering of courses.
  • To do List on the Home tab has been expanded to hold more courses
  • Changes to help large reports run.
  • Team chart has been added to help visualize the team structure visually.


  • Bulk deactivate, activate and sort out inactive learners from the People tab
  • Date of last login column has been added to the Login activity Usage Reports
  • Changes to the survey user interface
  • Assessment Quick Report includes a new tab that includes a break down of correct and incorrect questions
  • The Learner's Results button for assessments includes the same information as the older version
  • In reports, Custom Field columns are titled with the custom label
  • Bulk select messages for easy sorting
  • Export custom reports in both txt and csv
  • Assessment questions are numbered in the Administrator side for quick reference
  • Link to external websites, videos and more using placeholders
  • User report in Create a report shows more teams


  • Changes to assessment user interface
  • Bulk upload assessment questions
  • SAML integration through Okta


  • User interface changes - different icons, fonts and labels.
  • iPad has changed to reflect the desktop version.  Also allows for reporting and assigning of courses from an iPad.
  • Number of seats has been added to the ILT module.
  • Video will continue where it was left off if it was previously stopped in the middle.


  • Added four additional languages:  Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, French (France).
  • Sorting columns for quick reports.
  • Choose the columns shown on quick reports.



  • Update mobile interface: speed up loading and add support for all assessment/ quiz functionality.
  • Security upgrade for all forms.



  • Add ILT/ live training module – Schedule training, invite people and mark attendence.
  • Minor Salesforce integration enhancements.



  • Custom fields available on the user profile.
  • All user data is now available in user and custom reports/ certificates.
  • New custom report to drill down into users modules.
  • Minor enhancements to result editing/ hiding assessment results and messages.



  • SCORM modules now available on the mobile and tablet version of Litmos LMS
  • eCommerce Shopping cart (more information)
  • Salesforce integration
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Enhancements to certificate generation
  • Ability to switch to desktop version on tablet devices
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added new Ecommerce payment option Payment Express
  • Added favicon and mobile icons to themes
  • Major Hardware Upgrade




  • New image upload for the page module
  • IE6 layout fixes
  • Paging to allow loading more records in assign users/ teams to courses
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New bulk user upload process with field mapping
  • New admin dashboard, activity feed and chart which shows courses completed, sales and unique visitors
  • New user profiles, activity feed, extra fields like address, employee id etc
  • New email template editor. Email templates are now 100% editable.
  • New results override so admins can manually change learner scores and course/module completion.
  • New top navigation tool bar for admin and learner view
  • New mobile web app for iPad
  • New mobile web app for iPhone, Android
  • New Messages section for admin and learners.
  • New overall training complete chart in reports.
  • New customizable labels for course/module completed or not completed.
  • Video, PowerPoint, Audio & Flash modules can now be updated with a new file rather than deleting the module and adding a new one.
  • Assessments and surveys now available on mobile
  • Mobile app supports offline mode for doing assessments
  • Improved navigation on learner view
  • Custom users report – new date range options, can also select a team layout view
  • Improved search on courses, teams, people tabs
  • HTML source editing now enabled on Page module
  • Admins can now download learner certificates from their profile
  • Emails bounces are now visible in dashboard/learner activity feeds
  • Slideshow module removed. Use page module or PowerPoint instead.
  • Course listing widget no longer displayed on course listing page. Find this in Account>Ecommerce section.
  • Bug fix – Course library tab no longer disappears.


  • Achievements request added to the Litmos API


  • Course Library released.


  • Custom data formats for report exports. This is useful for direct import into other systems like SAP. See Exporting reports with a custom data format for more details.
  • Filter custom Courses & Modules report by Team
  • Schedule custom reports to export automatically everyday or every Monday to your email.
  • Improved navigation for the trainee view when starting, continuing or exiting a course.
  • Bug fix: Report attachments now open correctly on Mac Mail, iPhones and iPads.


  • New question tip/feedback feature added to the assessment editor.
  • Bug fix: Enable Team Leaders to mark assessments.


  • Simple compliance tracking
    • Set the amount of time a person is compliant for after completing a course
    • Enable automatic resit and reminder emails to keep people compliant
  • Manual Reset of course results
  • Course completed stats and charts on the people and teams tab for a course
  • 2 NEW module types
    • Page – Add a page of freeform text as a module. You can also copy/paste content from other sites.
    • Link – Add a link to another website. Litmos will track how long your students spend on the site and enable them to send you feedback etc.
  • Email is no longer required as username.
    • User import now allows custom usernames and passwords to be set.


  • Course management overhaul
    • Course completed % now visible on each user assigned to the course
    • Popup user profile information
    • Upload multiple documents to a course in 1 hit
    • Hierarchy of team now visible for assigned teams
    • Assign users or import users into a course without sending an email
  • Assessment marking flow improved
  • Formatting of course description fixed on trainee view
  • Module code added to assessments reports
  • Welcome/first login page now collects Company Name, Job Title and Phone number fields.


  • Ecommerce upgrade
    • Redesigned course listing page
    • Redesigned course registration page
    • More reliable handling of PayPal payments
    • Removed recurring PayPal payments
    • Added ability to offer a free course
    • Added support Google Analytics tracking
    • Foundations setup to add more payment options in the future
  • Duplicate or Link To SCORM modules
  • Delete survey results


  • Certificates
    • Create/Add templates to courses
    • Trainees can download the certificate on course completion
  • New Trainee View Tabs
    • ToDo
    • My Courses
    • My Achievements
  • API – User Course list now includes results information
  • Ecommerce – Paypal now defaults to pay by Credit Card screen


  • Bug Fix: Fixed the question display order the printable view of assessments


  • Create a new course screen revamped in prep for upcoming Certificates release
  • Change course settings, add/remove notifications revamped
  • Bug Fix: Print view on assessments no longer shows Deleted questions


  • Major Email system upgrade.
  • Minor style fixes for iPad version
  • Bug Fix. You can now create teams via the API


  • Bug Fix: You can’t skip mandatory assessment questions by exiting the assessment anymore.
  • Minor style upgrades on the trainee side
  • People tab now remembers which page of users you were on after editing or adding a user
  • Script based languages are now supported

6 months during 2010….. We fell off the wagon with these updates.. We have been releasing plenty of great updates though..


  • Team Leader functionality
  • Redefined permission levels
  • Messages
  • Bug: New user emails now being sent as HTML rather than TEXT
  • Bug: Fixed duplicate emails being sent on course complete etc

Team Leader

Team Leaders see:

  • Only the teams they are a leader of and any sub teams
  • Reporting only includes results for people in their teams or sub teams

Team Leaders can:

  • Add/Remove people to teams
  • Import users to their teams
  • Promoted any user in their teams to TL
  • Add any course to a team but reporting only shows courses assigned to their teams

Team leaders cant:

  • See the courses tab
  • Add single users
  • Edit the profile of Administrators/Account owners

Permission Levels Redefined

  • Trainee
  • Team Leader
  • Administrator
  • Account Owner


  • By default Trainees can only send to people in their team or administrators
  • Check box added to Settings>System Messages to override the default setting and allow unrestricted sending of messages.
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