Admin Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard provides Administrators with a system overview page that can be configured to track training activities, review training system metrics and provide one-click access to primary training admin functions. The Dashboard is the Admin landing page after login.

Managing Dashboards 

Dashboards can be customized by clicking on the "Manage Dashboards" button, which is located at the top right corner of the Dashboard page. 


On the Manage Dashboards page, you can see all of the dashboards that other Account Owners in the organization have created, and each Dashboard is represented by a tile.  The active Dashboard for all Admins, Account Owners, and Team Leaders/ Admins will be marked with a green checkbox and text on the tile that reads, "Default Admin Dashboard". 

To edit the Dashboard layout, widgets, and settings, select the pencil icon.  To delete a dashboard, select the Garbage can icon. 


Note: To revert back to the default dashboard, uncheck the "Make default dashboard" for the current active dashboard and click "Save".

Creating a New Dashboard

To create a new custom Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Dashboard
  2. Select "Create Dashboard" at the top right of the Manage Dashboard Screen
  3. Give the Dashboard a Title (required) and a Description (optional)
  4. To make this the active Dashboard, check "Make default dashboard" (optional)
  5. Select a Layout (Notice that this will change the "Add Widgets & Preview" section) 
  6. In each window in the "Add Widgets & Preview" section, select the page with a plus icon 
  7. Select the desired Widget (see below for more details on widgets)
  8. Click Okay.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for all the windows in the layout
  10. Select "Save" at the bottom 

About Layouts & Adding New Widgets

Layouts are designed to give you a template to build your dashboard; however, you are not restricted to the layouts provided.  Add additional widgets to any layout by:

  1. Selecting the "Add New Widget" button
  2. Select the desired Widget (see below for more details on widgets)
  3. Click "Okay"
  4. Drag and drop the widget into your desired configuration. 
  5. Repeat steps  1 - 4
  6. Click "Save"

About the Available Widgets

Activity - The most recent activity on the account including Course Creation, Achievements gained and much more.

Historical Charts - A bar chart with various metrics over the last three months including, Unique User Logins, Course Completed, Total Courses, and more. 

Login Map - View on a map, where your users are logging in from. 

Marking Required - View the number of items that require marking and click directly in to the list of Marking Required items to mark them. 

Metrics - Get high level metrics on the Account including number of Total Courses, Total Users, Active Courses, and Logins this period. 

News - View and post the most recent news items for Learners posted. 

Quick Actions - Quick actions give the option to create a course, user, or team directly from the dashboard. 

Recently Viewed - All Courses, Users and Teams the user has recently viewed. 

Reports Glance - A data chart showing number of unique logins, Ecommerce sales, and courses completed over a 30 day period. 






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