Enrollment Approvals - Courses & Learning Paths

Enrollment Approvals give administrators the power to decide which Learners can be granted permission to enroll in a Learning Path or Course.  This feature can be useful when the course or learning path requires pre-certification, payment, CEU qualification or similar enrollment requirements.  

When a Learner wants to take a Course or Learning Path that is showing in the Course Library, instead of seeing a “Start Course/ Learning Path” button, the Learner will see a “Request approval” button.  The Learner will push this button to request approval, which will send an email to the individuals responsible for the enrollment approval.  These admins then have the power to either approve or reject the Learner's request to enroll in the respective course or learning path.

Note:  For details on ILT Approvals, see the ILT approvals article

Setting Up Approvals

If Approvals have not been enabled for the account, set up approvals by first enabling the approvals feature. Approvals can be enabled by following the steps below:

  1. Navigating to Accounts > Litmos Features
  2. Select the Enrollment Approvals tile
  3. Check the "Enable Enrollment Approvals" box and click "Save changes"

Each session course or learning path will have their own Approval settings.  This can be found by:

  1. Create or select the Course or Learning Path that will require approvals
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab
  3. Select the option for "Course Library - Include this course in the course library so learners can self signup" and the Approvals section will appear.
  4. Select who will receive the approval notification (see the section below for more details)
  5. Click "Save" 

Learner Experience

Once a Course or Learning Path is set up for Learners to request enrollment approval, when a Learner navigates to the Course or Learning Path, the Learner will be able to request approval by selecting the "Request Approval" button in the "More Information" tab or when they select "Start this Course". Enrollment approval will have to be granted before the Learner can view the content.


Who Receives Approval Notifications

Each session can have different groups of people who can approve access to the Course or Learning Path.  These options include:

  • Specific User - Choose a specific user in the system.  This option includes users of all access roles, including Learners. 
  • Course Notification Admin - The list of users who are set to receive notifications for the course.  This list is located in the Course settings under the "Course Notification" section. (Not an option for Learning Paths)
  • Manager - The user who is specified in the "Manager" field in the profile for that user.

Note:  Although the people/ person specified will be notified if an approval has been requested, any admin will be able to approve the Learner for that session.   In order to mark approvals, user will need to have access to the Admin view (Team Leaders, Team Admins, Administrators, and Account Owners).

Marking Approval

All admins can mark approval for a Learner from within a Course or Learning Path.  To Approve a Learner:

  1. Navigate to the Courses tab
  2. Select the Course or Learning Path
  3. Navigate to the People sub tab
  4. Select the "Waiting Approval" tag
  5. Select "Approve" or "Reject" and provide a Rejection reason

Learner will then receive an email notifying them that they have been approved or rejected along with the rejection reason. 

Note:  Marking approvals will only be available to users with Admin view (Team Leaders, Team Admins, Administrators, and Account Owners).

Learning Paths with Approvals with Courses that require approvals

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