Ratings And Reviews

Ratings and Reviews allow your Learners to rate your Courses or Learning Paths on a five star scale and give a review.  Other prospective Learners can then view these ratings and reviews before self signing up through the Course Library or purchasing the Course or Learning Path. 

Enabling/ Setting Up Ratings and Reviews

Before using this feature, Ratings and Reviews will need to be enabled by:

  1. Navigating to Accounts
  2. Select the LITMOS FEATURES tab.
  3. Select the "Ratings"
  4. Click the "Enable Ratings" checkbox and click "Save"

This will enable this feature for all Courses and Learning Paths in your account. 

Using Ratings and Reviews as a Learner

Learners will be able to see the five star rating of a Course or Learning Path from the Course Library.  Each Course or Learning Path that has been rated will have the rating, if the Course or Learning Path has not yet been rated, no stars will appear for that specific Course or Learning Path. 

Before the Learner Completes a Course

 If a Learner has not yet completed a Course they will be able to view all reviews by navigating to the "Reviews" tab.  They will not be able to submit a Rating or Review of their own for this Course or Learning Path.  

After the Learner Completes a Course

Once a Learner has completed a Course, they will be able to rate the course and submit a Review for other Learners to see. 

Monitoring Ratings and Reviews

Administrators will be able to view and monitor ratings and reviews from the "Ratings" tab in that Course or Learning Path.  From this tab they will be able to:

  • See the average rating
  • See the individual ratings and reviews
  • Delete any rating and review


Course/ Learning Path Quick Reports and Reporting Engine objects will give high level information in regards to Ratings and Reviews including average rating, total number of ratings given, and total number of reviews given.  For further details, see the "Ratings" tab in the Course or Learning Path.

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