Tips for building team structure

Here are some tips to help you with defining and building your team structure:

  • Diagram out your Team Structure before building it in Litmos. Although new teams (including subteams) can be built, it is not easy to rearrange a team structure after it has been created.
  • Start with an umbrella Team that encompasses the entire account along with all Teams within your team structure. This is important because it will make reporting on Teams easier and helps with restructuring Teams if your Team decides a new Team structure is necessary later on.
  • While building a large Team structure, frequently check the Chart View to verify that it aligns with the original plan.
  • Users can be in as many different teams as needed and the team hierarchy does not need to be one unit. There can be several independent hierarchies and learners can be included in all of them - the more teams there are, the more reporting options around these teams are available.
  • Team structure is one of the most important steps in a successful training platform - think this through carefully as it is not easy to make changes once the team structure has been built.
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