Escalations are a way to include people on notification emails to notify them that a user is approaching or has passed a Due Date or Compliance Date. 

Note: Escalations are part of Litmos Persist and may be available at an additional cost.

Setting Up an Escalation Rule

  1. As an Account Owner, navigate to Account > Escalations
  2. Click "Add Rule"
  3. Give the rule a name and select the rules (see below).
  4. Click Save

Each Escalation can have an unlimited number of rules.  Each rule contains:

Number field: This is the number of emails that will be sent to the Learner before the person in the rule begins to be cc'ed on the Compliance and Due Date emails.  

For example, if a Learner will receive 3 emails and there is a rule to email on email 2, the emails sent will be be sent to:

1st email: Learner 

2nd email: Learner and

3rd email: Learner and

 Drop down with three options:

  • Specific User Email: Specify an email address to cc on the emails. Use this field to cc an individual or send an email to an alias that will be sent to a group of people. 
  • User Profile Field: Select a custom field from the user's profile. Use this field to define a specific email for a user that these notifications should be escalated to, such as their manager.  For this field to work properly in this manner, a valid email address will need to be used in the user's profile.   
  • Administrators: All Administrators in the system will be cc'ed on the emails. 

Applying an Escalation Rule to a Course

Once the escalation rules have been created they can be applied to any course from the course's settings.  In order to enable escalations for the course, the following must be true:

Due Dates

  • A Due Date has been set
  • Automatic Email Reminder has been set
  • Reminder Email has been set


  • Automatic Retake has been set
  • Reminder has been set

Once the above has been applied to a course, check the "Enable Escalations" box and choose the Escalation rule to apply to the course. 

Note: Although Account Owners are the only access role that can create Escalation Rules, both Administrators and Account Owners can set Escalations on a Course.  This feature is not available to to Team Leaders. 


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