Resetting user passwords and unlocking locked accounts

How to Reset Passwords and How to Unlock Locked User Accounts:

A user account will lock after 5 failed login attempts with incorrect username or password combination. When this happens, the learner gets a pop-up link that says: Your account is locked. Please use the link to reset your password.   The user will click the link and then have to enter their correct username in order to successfully use the reset password link.  A reset link will be emailed to the learner.

(In the event the Account Owner has disabled user's ability to reset password, (Account tab,>Profile subtab) the user will not be able to use the forgot password link and an admin will have to reset the user's password instead)


Another way to unlock the user's account is to administratively reset the user's password or send the user a login link, as follows:

How to reset a user's password or send the user a password reset link:

Click the 'People' tab

Search for the user and then click on the user's name

Click 'Reset Password' which you'll see at the top right of the window

Here you can send the user a login link OR you can set the user's password to something specific and notify the user what password is.




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