Topics and Subtopics

Learners can search for courses by Topics. Topics are ways for Administrators to organize and present comparable Courses and Learning Paths to learners in the Course Library. Once the feature is enabled, Topics can be created and these may contain two additional levels for Sub Topics. These Topics will display to learners in the Course Library and only Topics with Courses and Learning Paths added to them will display to Learners when selected.

Creating the Topics & SubTopics Hierarchy

Before using the Topics and SubTopics feature, the hierarchy will need to be created.  If necessary, Additional Topics and SubTopics can be added at a later date.  To create the hierarchy:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Integrations > Topics & Subtopics.
  2. If this feature has not already been enabled, select the "Enable Topics/ SubTopics" box and click Save.
  3. Create the first topic, select the "Add Topic" button.
  4. Give the Topic a name and click "Save."
  5. To create additional Topics, repeat steps 3 and 4. 
  6. To create sub topics select the "Add Sub Topic" link under the Topic or Subtopic, give the Subtopic a name, and select "Save."

Note: Topics and their Subtopics will be listed alphabetically.  This means all Topics will be alphabetical and the Subtopics within each Topic will be alphabetical.  

Assigning Topics & Subtopics to Courses and Learning Paths

Topics & Subtopics can be tied any Course or Learning Path. Once the Topics & Subtopics have been created:

  1. Navigate to the Course or Learning Path Settings
  2. In the Topics/ Sub Topics section, select "Add Topics"
  3. Expand and collapse Topics by clicking on the + or -
  4. Click "Add" to add a Topic or Subtopic to add it to that Course or Learning Path
  5. Topics and Subtopics for that Course or Learning Path will appear above the list of all Topics and Subtopics
  6. Click the X to remove the Topic or Subtopic from that Course or Learning Path


Note: Courses and Learning Paths will only appear in a Topic or Subtopic in Learner View if they have been specifically categorized for that Topic.  If a Subtopic has been chosen, the Course or Learning Path will not automatically inherit the parent Topic.  

Browsing Topics & SubTopics as a Learner

Learners will see a list of Topics & Subtopics by navigating to the Course Library tab and hovering over the "Course Library" button. They will then be able to see the Topics & Subtopics hierarchy for Courses and Learning Paths they have access to.  Once they have selected a Topic or Subtopic, it will show all Courses and Learning Paths that have belong to that Topic or Subtopic.    

Note: Topics & SubTopics will only appear on Learner View if a Learner has access to a Course or Learning Path with that Topic or SubTopic.  

Topics & SubTopic Best Practices

  • Plan out the structure of the Topics & SubTopics before building them.  This helps with unorganized structures, unnecessary topics, and the need to rebuild the structure. 
  • Only use the hierarchies if there is a need for them. Forcing Sub Topics may cause confusion for Learners.
  • Using Topics without Subtopics is an acceptable and sometimes preferable structure.
  • If a learner is unable to see a Topic or Subtopic, check the courses they are assigned to. Most likely they have not been assigned a Course or Learning Path with that Topic or Subtopic. 
  • If a Subtopic has been added to a Course or Learning Path, it may make sense to add the Topic as well. 



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