Topics and Subtopics

Learners can search for courses and learning paths by Topics in the Course Library, and thus gives admins a way to organise the content for their learners.

Creating the Topics & SubTopics Hierarchy

Before using the Topics and SubTopics feature, the hierarchy will need to be created. To create the hierarchy:

  1. Navigate to Accounts >> Litmos Features >> Topics & Subtopics.
  2. Select "Add Topic" button to add a new topic,
  3. Give the Topic a name and click "Save."
  4. To create subtopics select the "Add Sub Topic" link under the Topic or Subtopic.

Note: Topics and their Subtopics will be listed alphabetically.

Assigning Topics & Subtopics to Courses and Learning Paths

Once Topics & Subtopics have been create, they can be tied any Course or Learning Path.

  1. Navigate to the Course or Learning Path Settings
  2. In the Topics/ Sub Topics section, select "Add Topics"
  3. Expand and collapse Topics by clicking on the + or -
  4. Click "Add" to add a Topic or Subtopic to add it to that Course or Learning Path
  5. Click the X to remove the Topic or Subtopic from that Course or Learning Path

Note: Courses and Learning Paths will only appear in a Topic or Subtopic in Learner View if they have been specifically categorized for that Topic. If a Subtopic has been chosen, the Course or Learning Path will not automatically inherit the parent Topic. Topics & SubTopics will only appear on Learner View if a Learner has access to a Course or Learning Path with that Topic or SubTopic.  

Topics & SubTopic Best Practices

  • Plan out the structure of the Topics & SubTopics before building them. This helps with unorganized structures, unnecessary topics, and the need to rebuild the structure. 
  • Only use the hierarchies if there is a need for them. Forcing Sub Topics may cause confusion for Learners.
  • Using Topics without Subtopics is an acceptable and sometimes preferable structure.
  • If a learner is unable to see a Topic or Subtopic, check the courses they are assigned to. Most likely they have not been assigned a Course or Learning Path with that Topic or Subtopic. 
  • If a Subtopic has been added to a Course or Learning Path, it may make sense to add the Parent Topic as well.


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