Freshdesk Integration

What does the Freshdesk integration do?

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. The Freshdesk goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. Litmos' integration with Freshdesk bolsters the Freshdesk creed by unifying training and education with customer services.

With Litmos, Freshdesk agents can assign a variety of training courses to customers right from customer tickets submitted to the Helpdesk, and customers can access their assigned training programs from any device connected to the web. Customer training is a tried-and-true method of reducing support tickets, lowering call volumes, formerly instructing customers, scaling customer service operations, increasing agent productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

1) How to setup the Freshdesk integration

The first step towards setting up Litmos' Freshdesk integration is to install the Litmos app into Freshdesk from the Freshdesk App Gallery. In order to do this, a Freshdesk user with Admin access must click on the Admin tab, navigate down to the Helpdesk Productivity section and click on the Apps icon:




The next step is for this Freshdesk Admin to click on the "Get More Apps" button. 



This will open up the Freshdesk App Gallery. Here, the Freshdesk Admin can find the Litmos app in the Knowledge Management App category or search directly to for Litmos:



Once the Litmos app has been located in the Freshdesk App Gallery, click on the Litmos app tile to advance to the Litmos app listing.



Once the Litmos app listing is opened, review the app details and click on the "Install" button to install the Litmos app into Freshdesk. 



To complete this installation, the Freshdesk Admin will need to provide the Freshdesk API Key, Litmos API URL and Litmos API Key into the "install" form fill.



The Litmos API URL is This will need to be entered into the Litmos API URL field.

The Freshdesk API Key is located on the Freshdesk Admin's profile page. In order for the Freshdesk Admin to access this page, the Freshdesk Admin will click on the profile avatar icon in the top right-hand corner of the interface and then navigate down that profile page to find "Your API Key".



The Litmos API Key must be retrieved by a Litmos Account Owner who has access to manage integrations. The Account Owner will click on the Freshdesk integration listing, located on the Integrations tab.



Once the Freshdesk integration is enabled,  copy + paste the API Key that displays in Litmos into Freshdesk. This will not appear if your Litmos account does not have the Freshdesk integration enabled.



Once all of the install information is entered into Freshdesk, click "install". If the install and connection are successful, the Freshdesk Admin should now see the Litmos app installed and "on" through the applications page.



At this point, Freshdesk Agents can assign courses to ticket "Requesters" by accessing the Litmos Training widget available on a Helpdesk ticket.

Important Note: In order for an agent to successfully assign courses from Freshdesk, the agent must have a corresponding profile in Litmos with a Litmos Access Level that permits course assignment.

Additionally, the Freshdesk user "email" value must match one Litmos user's "email" value in order for the Litmos Training widget to properly validate a Litmos user record for this person, and verify which courses from Litmos the agent is allowed to assign. If more than one person in Litmos has an email that matches a Freshdesk user email, the validation of the user and verification of courses will fail and the courses won't display.






If a requester's email is not found in Litmos, then a new Learner profile will be created in Litmos for the requester when the Freshdesk agent assigns training to the requester.


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